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-Richard H.

"You know how when you finally get a Doctor or Dentist you like and trust you won't go anywhere else even if you have travel further than if you used a local Doctor or Dentist. That's how I feel about George Plumbing in Temecula. Our plumber of choice is James. I completely trust his judgement and his work is always quality. Our water heater just went out and he was up front and told me to buy a new one because of the age of our water heater. but he couldn't install it that day so I opted to have the pilot replaced and will live the old water heater until this fall. I failed to mention I waited 2 days for our appointment because I just didn't want anyone else to service our water heater even though Georges had other plumbers available who are probably just as capable but as I said once you find trust in a individual your willing to wait." Richard H. 6/17/2016