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Plumbing RepairMenifee California was one of the hardest hit regions of the United States during the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008. While the region has bounced back extensively with new house purchases and mortgage lending, many of the homes that exist in the area were left in disrepair between then and now or had maintenance issues that were pushed to the side in favor of more pressing needs. Now that all of those issues have cropped up again, homeowners in the Menifee area require reliable and trustworthy technicians and repairmen to come out and into their homes.

George Plumbing has been catering to the Menifee area for over 20 years now. Our well-trained and licensed staffs of service techs are grateful for your patronage. We will show up to your door, clean, smiling, and ready to work. Our technicians are familiar with the unique drainage and irrigation issues involved with the agrarian side of the region as well as the suburban development and their integration with a growing sewer system.

We pride ourselves on being the first choice on a lot of minds when they’re looking for a Menifee plumber, heating or air conditioning services. We’ve worked hard over the last couple decades, and all of our hard work has paid off in the form of customer satisfaction and gratitude. We understand a business, regardless of what kind it is, is only as strong as their customers are satisfied. We strive to ensure that every last one of our customers are completely 100% satisfied, and the leagues of happy and satisfied customers are a testament to this outlook.