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Poway Air Conditioner and Plumbing Repair

Quality you can trust. Service you can count on.

The California landscape looks very modern. There is very little country left. This is not the case in Poway, California, where some business is still conducted with a smile and a handshake. George Plumbing still employs service agreements and a paper trail outlining their services, estimates, and repairs with their clients, but in a small town business way where a customer knows their plumbing repair is in good hands. We know how hard it is to find a qualified and trustworthy plumber to come out to your area, but we strive to satisfy and be available to all customers that might require our services.

Our qualified and trained service technicians are educated in the latest technological advancements in heating, cooling, and the plumbing industries. We strive to be courteous, polite, knowledgeable, and forthcoming with our clients about what is required to help them. Our pricing is competitive and up front. George Plumbing is nothing but grateful to our clients because, without them, we wouldn’t have a business.

Most people don’t know that the talented parody song-writer Al Yankovich hails from Poway, California. While this has nothing to do with plumbing and HVAC repair, it is an example of some of the cherished knowledge George Plumbing’s staff carries with them about the area. We know things about places like Poway because we live there, same as you, and treat our customers as we treat our neighbors.